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Yore is the work of multi-instrumentalist and producer Callum Brown. Callum has been a part of the East-London music/art scene for years, previously playing in Mint Field, Josefin Ohrn, Fews and Ulrika Spacek. This new project brings together a large collection of exciting artists who collab with Callum to create something that is a celebration of indie collaboration akin to Broken Social Scene, the cut and paste aesthetic of Unkle/King krule and the dreamlike nostalgia of Deerhunter/Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

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Sad Walrus is the sound of the musical musings of Dom Potts, a twenty something from Rearsby, living in old, foggy London town. A sad walrus is when you put two coffee stirrers under your top lip and then pull the saddest face you can. So really it's never sad, it makes you laugh.

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Superego are a 4 piece hailing from the midlands. They combine the distorted heavy sound of the 90's with shimmering shoegaze-inflected soundscapes to create something that is undeniably scuzzy and impassioned.

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